Thrift Shop

For years the Bray House was the home of The Ditty Box, a consignment shop originally started to provide some retirement funds for our pastors.  After the shop closed, the building sat empty for two years.  Many ideas were put forward for the use of the building, but several meant that the building needed to be renovated at great cost. 

Finally the idea of a thrift shop bubbled to the top of the pile.  Many excited volunteers striped out the old carpets, hung wallpaper, and painted the downstairs.  The shop opened in April 2006.  It is overseen by a committee reporting to the trustees.  From the start, the committee wanted some of the funds to go toward helping the community.  To this end, 25% of all money taken in goes quarterly to five local charities. 


Just like the Red Sox, the Thrift Shop is getting ready for a new season.  We are cleaned and sorted and ready for our first customers.  We will open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, February 14.  That’s right...Valentine’s Day!   We look forward to seeing many of you and your stuff.  If you have been hoarding things in preparation for this day, please don’t all of you bring it on the 14th.  We accept donations any time we are open.  Our hours are 10:00 to 2:00 Wednesday through Saturday.


Clothing, all seasons -- Linens, sheets, blankets, towels  -  Tablecloths and placemats

Curtains  -  Dishes, glassware  -  Kitchen items, pots and pans  -  Housewares

Small appliances in working order  -  Books  -  Baskets  -  Jewelry

Art work, picture frames  -  DVDs  -  CDs  -  Seasonal decorations  -  Crafting supplies



Typewriters  -  Computers  -  Microwaves, TVs, VCRs  -  Furniture 

Records and record players  -  Large appliances  -  Magazines of any kind

Text books  -  Suitcases  -  Artificial Christmas trees  -  Encyclopedias

Medical equipment  -  Flammables  -  Underwear  -  Baby and child car seats

Videos  -  Curtain rods  -  Shoes  -  Bed pillows